What Managed IT Services Near Me Offer

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After speaking with the owner of a company which offered managed IT services near me I decided that I would give it a try for our small consultancy firm. I have to be hoes I wasn’t really sure what exactly to expect from this but given that we didn’t have anybody in-house who was much of an expert when it came to computing, and given that we base almost everything we do on computers, I thought that it’d make sense to give it a go.

I have, since that fateful day, been absolutely blown away by the support and the service which we have had and here is why I would absolutely recommend your business contracting a managed IT service.

Safe and Secure

Security was always a big concern of ours given the amount of sensitive data that we have about our clients and that was why we invested in some rather expensive security for our systems. WE discovered however, after just a week of having our managed IT service, that this software wasn’t doing its job and that it was less secure than it had been in the first place, great. Thankfully we got away with that and we didn’t lose all of those valuable pieces of information, yet things could’ve been far worse. And so the first point I’ll make here is that with this service you can ensure maximum safety of your business and the information which it has stored.

Instant Repairs

In the last 5 years we have had 2 occasions where all of our systems have gone offline and I’ll tell you that it is a troubling and expensive issue to deal with. If however we’d have had a managed IT service at this time then we would have been absolutely fine and the repairs would’ve been made in no time at all, and we’d have been able to keep the business going. As luck would have it, we haven’t had a single problem since we have used this service but we are certainly safe in the knowledge that should anything happen, we are well protected.


As Mentioned in the intro we are not experts when it comes to computing and that is why we rely on a managed IT service. What I will say however is that having the experts on your side means that you can ask them a range of questions with regards to IT which can help you in your business operations. Using this service we have managed to scale up our operations with ease.


Thanks to the managed IT service we have faster systems than ever before, we have no more glitches or issues which we once became so accustomed with and we have instead got a smooth running IT infrastructure which has most certainly helped us to take our business to the next level.

This is most definitely the type of service which I would recommend for any business which relies heavily on computing.

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